Some take Sports more serious

A nice little thing, that we noticed in France: Biking is serious business for them!

Living in the Netherlands we are used to being surrounded by many bikers, many more than in France. If you see bikers in France (there are more than I thought) they are always properly dressed for the jobs with nice helmet and functional biking clothes.

In the Netherlands you hardly see anyone above the age of 8 wearing helmets on their bikes or even bothering putting on special clothes. Your high heels, skirts, jeans or wedding suits are just fine here. 🙂

Feeling medieval in Carcassonne

Carcassonne view

Carcassonne is definitely worth a trip, even if it is a little “touristy”. The beautifully restored medieval city is a great sight. You can feel the spirit of centuries past.

Separated into the walled Cité de Carcassonne and the less expensive lower city, the ville basse. If you are looking for a restaurant, the ville basse is a great choice – even if it’s not that spectacular.

Be prepared, this city is so well known, that it always buzzes with people. And traffic jams in the ville basse – luckily the medieval cité is reserved for pedestrians.

Important sights in the cité:

  • Medieval town
  • Basilica of St. Nazaire
  • Chateau Comtal
  • Torture Museum (if you dare!)

Especially in the summer there are numerous activities to take part in and special shows and tours.

Pictures of Carcassonne:

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